Your 1st Visit

Face Masks are required in our office -  Please remember to be wearing one when your enter the office.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. 

When You First Arrive

Please be sure to have any of your pertinent health records, including any recent MRI reports or medical reports from other doctors.  There will be required forms to fill out.  Our staff will help you with your new patient intake process.

What to Wear on Your First Visit

 We do have patient gowns, but we prefer you bring loose-fitting shorts and t-shirts. For women, tank tops are the best for examination of neck and shoulder regions.

Consultation and Examination

On consultation with Dr. Gillman, he will review your personal health information and medical history.  This might include any previous injuries, your nutrition status, lifestyle issues, ergonomic factors, and current sports/exercise issues.

Your physical examination will include some familiar medical tests, such as taking your blood pressure and checking your reflexes.  Neurologic, orthopedic, and functional movement tests will be performed. Dr. Gillman will test the strength of several muscles to uncover any weakness.  If MRI or x-ray is needed, Dr. Gillman will order it. He may also make referrals to other providers that can best help you.


If you are safe to treat, and most people are, then a program of care will be prescribed. Most patients with common spine pain conditions find notable relief within about six treatment sessions at twice to three times per week treatment. Those with more severe injuries, such as vehicle-crash injuries or sports injuries, as well as chronic pain cases, often require longer or more intensive care. Treatment of spine and extremity conditions usually involves different forms of joint manipulation and soft tissue therapy. Physiotherapy procedures might be used, such as ultrasound or low level laser.  Kinesiology tape such as RockTape™ is often used for athletes and non-athletes alike.   Advanced soft tissue methods are routinely used, including Graston Technique, FAKTR, or Active Myofascial Release methods. See examples of services here.

Dr. Gillman is expert in addressing spine, extremity, and sports medicine conditions.  Rest assured that your examination, whether it be of your spine, shoulder or knee comes by way of years of training.  If you have specific health questions, feel free to directly email Dr. Gillman at: [email protected]. If you have questions about scheduling or insurance matters, please contact: [email protected] or call the office directly.